In order to address the relationship between Emotional Suffering – often, trauma – and Reproductive Dysfunctions,  Isabel Coch is qualified in the following specialised studies:

  • Trauma: Therapist-Clinician-Consultant in EMDR-Europe.
  • Infertility: a Master degree in Infertility, Valencia University & IVI
  • Gender: a Master degree in Sexual Difference studies,  UB (Barcelona University)
” Endometrium hormonal substrate could relate with inner emotional state I. Coch

The above specialisation, as well as 30 years of work as psychologist, means that Isabel Coch at DDIVAN,  addresses, in depth and with a wide vision,  the emotional factor involved in these types of problems. Not only does she concentrate on the present time in the reproductive process but she needs to look back into the past in order to be able to analyse which facts of the patient’s life are reactivated when trying to become a mother seems so difficult.

At the EMDR trauma clinic –  Coch considers it a prerequisite to detect, analyse and manage suffering that comes from experiences such as: previous miscarriages, multiple negative pregnancy IVF tests,  deaths of children in the family.

Motherhood awakens the bond we had with the mother“.  I. Coch

From this angle she pays special importance to what kind of relationship the patient had with the maternal figure, as a child.

In order to gain maximum emotional stability along the reproductive process and therefore increasing the chances of the implantation of this embryo,  at DDIVAN.

  1.  The  personality profile of the patient and of his or her partner are evaluated
  2. The nuclei of unresolved pain are detected
  3.  These painful experiences are processed with EMDR





In the REPRODUCTION area of DDIVAN,  apart from trauma, other questions are also dealt with..


Women’s emotional and cognitive problems related to:

  • Ovarian stimulation
  • In Vitro fertilization IVF
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ICSI
  • Intrauterine Insemination IUI
  • Embryo transfer
  • Donation – eggs/sperm
  • Dysfunctions-endometriosis,  S. O. P…..
  • Disease –  cancer,  STD,  diabetes…

Men’s emotional and/or cognitive problems related to:

  • Seminal dysfunctions
  • varicocele
  • Donation –  eggs/sperm
  • Disease –  cancer,  STD

In couples,  the emotional and/or cognitive problems that appear from energy exhaustion involved that this process.